Session Guide

: Lace, light floral, and flowy fabrics photograph beautifully!
Choosing colors: I love a a soft neutral color palette. Cream, off white,  light gray, and for color: (soft pastels)rose, peach, blush, light blue, lavender, lilac, chambray, or muted tones.
These colors look best with my style of photography. 
Dark colors do not photograph well!
The no, no’s: NO flourescents, neon colors, busy patterns, bright or bold colors(red, coral, blacks). They darker colors and create unflattering skin tones. Don’t wear a lot of green for your session if your session is in the spring or summer. There is already a lot green outside. No logos, graphics, or wording on shirts(the little ones are fine). And, please don’t wear black. Black and white, to me personally, belong in a studio setting only.
I recommend not wearing eyeglasses. If you are able to take them off for the session.. They will make a glare that is very hard to edit.
Guys don't wear shorts. Kids is okay!
Don't wear a watch and make sure phones are left in the car(not in pant pockets).
Do coordinate but don't match exactly.
Families: Maxi skirts/dresses work well for moms. Women, put on some dresses! We rarely wear dresses as moms.  We have every other day of the week to wear jeans. Dresses and skirts photograph much more feminine and flattering than jeans! For outdoor field sessions-For shoes, stick to flats, booties, or sandals as stilettos do not do well in the fields and will be hard to get around. Keep in mind, the grass is usually tall for outdoor field sessions, so shoes will not likely show much. Feel free to ask me if it is short or tall during the time of your shoot.
Men, casual khakis or lighter colored jeans with a relaxed solid button up or polo shirt. Just make sure it's not to stiff and work like. Colors, shirt-solids -light blue, chambray, or light gray.
Children: Find a cute but simple piece for your daughter’s hair, such as a floral halo.   For boys-  suspenders, rolled jeans, vests, blazers, etc really play up their cuteness. Zara (, h&m,  and 
Maternity: Long dresses are beautiful for maternity sessions!  This is the time you want to show off your beautiful belly! Chiffon materials photograph gorgeously!

Tips for your session:

Hair and makeup: Moms if you have the time and the budget, have your hair and makeup professionally done.   It is also recommended that you have false lashes applied(natural length). Be sure your makeup artists stick to matte colors on your eyes. Shimmer does not photograph well. Please remember to bring powder and lip gloss to session in case we need to touch up. I recommend hair at Blo  and makeup -Make Me Up-Celeleste at Hair & Co. 405-212-9704 or makeup Getglambyhannah-Hannah Perre:

Tans: Please be mindful of fake tans. As long as it is natural looking and not orange:)  Also a tip for the guys... In the days or weeks leading up to the session, I recommend them applying sunscreen to their face, neck,  and ears- as some men can get red/purplish. 

Touch up your roots. If your hair is highlighted, be sure to schedule a color touch up around a week before the session.

Be sure your outfits are wrinke free. Bring them on hangers. And you can change outfits quickly before the session.

Outdoor session: Wear bug spray. It is very important that you wear good bug spray. We will be walking through tall grass and in fields where mosquitos sometimes join in.

Snacks: Bring a snack for the little ones(smarties or something that could also be used as a treat) so that we can keep rewarding them. And it is usually whatever works to keep them happy. For very young ones, either bring along a bottle of milk or, if you are breastfeeding and they get hungry, we can take a short break to get their bellies full again.

What to expect

Go with the flow: If you have little ones in your session, it’s really important we keep them happy. Bribery always works pretty well with little ones, a promised ice cream trip after the session if they do well.  For children: if they have a melt down during the session, don’t worry and don’t give up!  It’s best to help me keep the session lighthearted and fun for the them. (I’m not judging your parenting skills during our session time ; it’s whatever it takes to keep them happy!) I promise, most sessions seem like chaos!  I have 3 children and I've shot thousands of session, so I've seen it all:)But the images will be beautiful! Just trust me!

Final note:
I hope this helps! And remember these photos are being created for YOU! They are sweet treasures to remind you of the days you are living right now. Let the kids play, don't worry if they look at the camera smile, don't worry if their shoes are dirty or their hair is a little messy from the car ride. EMBRACE it all! Love on your people in front of the camera, just the way you want to remember loving on them without the camera!

Favorite Places to Shop

Moms and moms to be:
Nordstrom a favorite for dresses. Search for cream, pink, purple, gray maxi dresses. Free People is my happy place. Think easy, breezy, comfy, boho chick.  It’s a little bit more on the expensive side, but the clothes are quality, unique and last forever.
Shopbop - Dresses for women.  ( for little girls too)

Boys: This is my absolute favorite for little boys!!!
Elestory(for mom's too)
Joy Marie Clothing
Jamie Kay
SugarPlum Lane

Deciding what to wear for your photoshoot can seem like a hard task! But I'm here for you to make it fun and easier!
Your outfits are important for the outcome of the photoshoot. Because we love a good outfit, 
but the most important is that we look at you. It's your time to shine, without the distraction of too noticeable clothes.

In this guide you'll find examples and tips to get some inspiration for your outfits. With these tips, 
I'm sure you'll get the best out of your photoshoot.

I'd also love to help you personally, so please let me know if I can help!

What to wear


Looking forward to your session!