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There is nothing quite like capturing the birth of a new life. Birth is such a miracle and completely worth documenting! You will want to remember those first moments you see and hold your baby! You will want to remember all the details! My passion for documenting births has come after birthing my two sons. I was blessed to have the second one photographed and will treasure those images forever.

Here is Baby Theodora’s story:

I received a text from Erin at 2am saying that they were on the way to the hospital. I arrived at 3:30am to start capturing their story. The calmness and joy that came from this family during the day of the birth of their second daughter was so amazing. As they waited and tried to catch some rest during the night, you could hear beautiful worship music playing. Erin was due that exact day and was planning to have a VBAC.

See for yourself the beauty of Theodora’s birthday!

“The birth of your child is something you will reflect on and remember forever. It’s something a mother cherishes in her heart (a father too). The emotions, the journey of the day, the moment you see your child for the first time, these are all things you will never forget, but they can fade with time. Amber captured these moments so well, it is the most beautiful depiction of our birth experience. 

Having images of your child’s birth is like being able to relive it in the most beautiful way! I honestly didn’t think this is something I would want, but I am forever grateful I decided to do this-and am so thankful to have Amber be the photographer -she was kind, tasteful, and a sweet presence to be around! She captured our day with absolutely beautiful images!” -Erin


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