Birth photography

A birth story is one of the most important types of photography that I offer. My passion for birth photography came after giving birth to my two sons. I was blessed to have my second son’s birth photographed and I will treasure those images forever.

Some might ask, Why would you want to have the birth photographed? There are lots of reasons why! You will want to remember those first moments  you lay your eyes on your new baby. You will want to remember the way they looked at you! You will also want to remember all the details following up to the birth and after. The day of birth is usually hard to remember. Having a photographer there to capture everything and let you relax in knowing that. My goal at a birth is to melt into the walls and document the story as it unfolds.

I believe that birth can be one the most empowering, beautiful, and important events of your life. Through photographs, I capture the big and small moments of your child’s birth day.


-“Having Amber in there was one of my favorite decisions we made about our birthing process. She let the experience be ours and didn’t interrupt or interject, in a sense it was like she wasn’t even there. All the while she took notice of every detail of our journey and captured it with such beauty.”

-“Having these photos now, they are absolutely beautiful and capture moments that I am unable to fully express in words. I can’t believe I can relive this experience for the rest of my life now through these images.”

-“Amber and I had met for coffee beforehand and I felt that she would do a wonderful job. Everything went perfectly the night of the delivery she was available and was there for the perfect amount of time and was very professional during the delivery and knew exactly the right place to be for all the photos.” 

-“I honestly didn’t think this is something I would want, but I am forever grateful I decided to do this-and am so thankful to have Amber be the photographer -she was kind, tasteful, and a sweet presence to be around! She captured our day with absolutely beautiful images!”